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Dr Riley has many years experience working with the transgender community and has experience with a wide range of counselling needs for couples and individuals including relationship issues, depression, anxiety, grief & loss, domestic violence, chronic illness, parenting, work relationships, sexual abuse, self-esteem, body image, cross dressing, HIV and gender identity.  This experience has informed her approach as has her PhD titled 'The Needs of Gender Variant Children and Their Parents'.

Dr Riley’s Counselling Style

"I work in a client centred model, where your needs and issues become the agenda. My intention is to support you to manage the issues that are important to you and help you to develop the skills you need to continue independently. For some clients this may take just a few sessions, yet for others where the issues may have been present for years, longer. It really depends on what you want, what the issues are, the context, your priorities etc. I tailor my interventions to suit individual client needs and am well-known for my sensitivity and respect for the client."


Dr Elizabeth Riley provides counselling to:

  • Parents with children (of all ages, including adult children) who are seeking support for parenting/supporting a child expressing differences in gender identity &/or expression.
  • Adolescents seeking support with concerns regarding differences in gender identity and/or expression.
  • Adolescents seeking a gender social and/or medical transition.
  • Young adults (<25) with concerns regarding differences in gender identity and/or expression or seeking support to transition. 
  • Couples where a partner is in transition.
  • Adults in transition seeking a letter for surgery.