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Specialist Gender Support & Resources for Parents

Are you concerned about your child’s gender identity?

Having a child with diversity in gender identity and expression can be one of the most challenging situations a parent could ever face. Living in our society, it is an extraordinarily difficult task to know how to best support your child if they are expressing persistent cross-gender behaviour and/or presentation.

Questions you may have as a parent:

I don’t want to hurt my child but how do I manage this?

Where can I get support?

Dr Riley provides counselling for parents raising gender variant children and their families.

For children approaching puberty or beyond Dr Riley provides counselling focusing on helping the child to explore their gender identity with the aim of establishing a stable and congruent sense of self.

There are a number of websites and resources specifically for parents with gender variant children

  • The Gender Centre runs monthly support groups for parents of gender variant children.
  • The Gender Centre also runs Transtopia a monthly support group for trans teens.
  • True Colours is run by parents with gender variant children for parents and children.
  • Every year twenty10 runs a 5-night camp for LGBTI young people 13-17 called Camp Out
  • The book “f2m: the boy within” is an Australian book for teens written by Hazel Edwards and Ryan Kennedy.
  • The book “Mum, I need to be a girl” by Just Evelyn can be freely downloaded.
  • The books "The Transgender Teen" by Stephanie Brill & Lisa Kenney and "The Transgender Child" by Stephanie Brill & Rachel Pepper provide excellent guidance for parents
  • The organisation Gender Spectrum arranges family conferences in the US specifically devoted to gender variant children and their parents.
  • Story from a parent “Why Don't You Tell Them I'm a Boy? Raising a Gender-Nonconforming Child" by Florence Dillon.